GeekHom Double Camping Hammock Review GeekHom Double Camping Hammock Review
(Last Updated On: October 31, 2018) GeekHom Double Camping Hammock Review

(Last Updated On: October 31, 2018)

Before buying their double hammock GeekHom was a brand we’ve never heard of before. But after testing their offering with its impressively strong build and low price its certainly a brand we’d buy from again.

In this review we get hands-on with GeekHom’s hammock as we test it in Thetford Forest to find out just how well it works.

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What You Get

Measuring around 20cm x 18cm the GeekHom double hammock looks surprisingly small when it is packed away. But don’t let these compact dimensions fool you. It opens up to a very roomy 260 x 140cm and whilst it can comfortably accommodate two average sized people we’d only recommend it as a single person hammock for camping and sleeping.

Included with the hammock is everything you need to pitch it up; Two carabiners are located at either end of the hammock and two braided nylon cords are supplied which are around 300cm long and sufficient enough to wrap around most medium sized tree trunks easily or any good-sized branch.

Sewn directly into the side of the hammock is a handy storage pouch. Everything, including the nylon cords and carabiners, can be stored inside it and the pouch features a draw string to ensure nothing falls out. This is incredibly handy and compact and has allowed us to take the hammock out anytime we want with ease.

Setting Up The Hammock

For the most part the hammock is easy to setup. Even in a moderate breeze pitching up presents no problems but, because of the light-weight nature of the material used, it can catch the wind easily.

I’d suggest learning a some quick release knots such as a highwaymans or tumble hitch knots (which I’ve yet to learn) but it will make pitching up the hammock faster than trying to tie other kinds of knot. I am embarrassed to admit that, at present, I use a simple shoe-lace style knot. That said, it has held so far and is simple enough to remove.

My top tip: I always try to ensure the middle of the hammock is at around 3 feet from the ground when setting it up. This allows ample room for the hammock to sag when climbing inside without it hitting the floor. It also ensures you’re not so high off the ground it is difficult to get out of.

Climbing In

Getting into the hammock was remarkably simple. Despite the cliché of climbing into a hammock only to be thrown back-out running through my mind it was, in fact, very easy to sit in and a felt ‘secure’ once inside.

I found that gripping the far side of the hammock, sitting down in the middle and then swinging around to lie-down was the best method of getting in. But, if you’d prefer to sit rather than lie, you can also place yourself in the middle and allow your legs to swing over the side and use the GeekHom like a chair.

I have since found out that this is apparently the opposite way to get in. You’re supposed to hold the near side of the hammock first. But I would suggest you go with a technique you find easy and comfortable.

One thing you will notice is just how thin the material is. I have to say that on its initial use I was not confident it was going to hold, and braced myself for a tearing sound and hitting the floor as it tore open under my weight.

But, to my surprise, it held. The material is incredibly strong and I have used it many times since its first run in Thetford forest and it shows no signs of wear and tear.

According the manufacturer it is a high strength, tear resistant nylon fabric – which we would agree with since it can hold up to 300Kg and has happily held two people with the fabric showing no signs of distress.


Sure, this is a double hammock, but its so much more comfortable by yourself! In fact it is incredibly comfortable. And was the perfect place to relax after walking through Thetford Forest on a warm summers day.

The best way I can describe it is almost like having a portable sofa bed with you – just without the bulk. And, sure, folding camping stools are good but they are far bulkier compared to GeekHom’s hammock and no-where near as comfortable.

Since buying this hammock it has become my preferred seat when out walking. The only downside is you need to trees or poles to pitch it up. So its obviously not suitable for use everywhere.

Maintenance and Care

Caring for the GeekHom hammock is also remarkably simple. We’ve washed ours and noticed that the fabric is still fine. It did not warp, stretch or shrink. Plus it dries very fast too and the carabiners are easily removable to allow for safe washing without them tumbling around the machine.

We couldn’t find any manufacturer instructions on what to wash the hammock at. So we picked a wool setting at 30°C which seemed to do the job just fine.


Overall this is a bargain of a portable hammock. It is comfortable, strong and easy to use. It has far exceeded our expectations and is our go-to seat of choice when out walking or camping. We’d highly recommend it.

You can check the latest price for the GeekHom hammock here.