Eyebrow Epilators Demystified & Their Top 5 Questions Answered Eyebrow Epilators Demystified & Their Top 5 Questions Answered
Eyebrow epilators can be an excellent solution for various kinds of undesired facial hair. For example, this is what many people turn to when... Eyebrow Epilators Demystified & Their Top 5 Questions Answered

Eyebrow epilators can be an excellent solution for various kinds of undesired facial hair. For example, this is what many people turn to when they want to tame bushy or misshaped brows.

Epilating can also tweeze out any stray eyebrow strands sticking out at odd angles.

What’s more, some people use this hair removal method to get rid of the sinister-looking unibrow, a continuous eyebrow characterized by hair growing above the bridge of the nose.

So, what is an eyebrow epilator? Well, this is a device that uproots hair. As the name implies, it has a design that specifically makes it easy to tweeze hair from the hard-to-reach eyebrow area. By pulling hair from the roots, an epilator ensures that your eyebrows will not grow back too fast, as is the case with trimming.

There are plenty of other benefits that eyebrow epilators have to offer. In this guide, you can learn about that and much more. Read on to discover how an eyebrow epilator works and the best features to look out for before buying. We will also answer some of the most common concerns people have regarding this hair removal tool.

How Does The Eyebrow Epilator Work?

Epilators run on batteries or from a mains outlet. Once powered on, these devices mechanically grip multiple hairs and pluck them out. Using them is only a matter of passing the epilator head over the hair removal area, much like you would do with an electric shaver.

Unlike electric trimmers that have oscillating blades, epilators use a different mechanism. Modern versions feature a rotating head with tiny metal plates that open and close repeatedly. As a result, this creates a continuous tweezing cycle of grasping, pulling, and discarding of hair as you move the epilator across your skin.

Benefits Of Epilating Eyebrows

Even though there are a variety of techniques for removing unwanted hair around the eyes, eyebrow epilators are a common choice for many reasons.

For starters, you get to enjoy a smooth finish because this process pulls hair off entirely from the root. Therefore, there is no stubble left like what happens when you cut hair just above the skin surface. Of course, a smooth hair-free forehead is the desired result you want to have when dealing with a unibrow.

Hair removed from the root will also take longer to grow back compared to when you shave it at skin level. That means that you can enjoy having your perfectly sculpted eyebrows for longer. Although results vary from person-to-person, smooth hairless skin can last up to four weeks after epilating.

Epilating can also damage underlying follicles over time, resulting in the inability for hair to grow back. As such, this is another benefit for anyone who is wondering how to get rid of a unibrow permanently.

How To Buy The Best Epilator For Eyebrows

Now that you know about the perks of having an eyebrow epilator, it is essential to find out what features to look for before buying one.

There are a lot of brands available in the market, so it can be daunting to decide which facial epilator to buy.

However, there are a core group of key factors to consider when looking for one to use on the eyebrows:

1 Size:

Ideally, you should go for a facial epilator that is easy to handle and provides unrestricted access to a hard-to-reach area like the eyebrows.

The size will also determine whether or not the model you choose is portable. For ladies who are always on the move, something small that does not take up too much space in the beauty bag would be suitable.

2 Different Speed Settings:

Adjustable speed is a vital consideration, especially if you are new to epilators and want to avoid a bad experience.

It is prudent to start with a slow, less aggressive setting when epilating anywhere close to the eyes. People with sensitive skin will also find a lower initial setting more comfortable.

3 Ease of Maintenance:

Besides cleaning, epilators don’t require any other special attention to keep them working well. It’s essential to look for features that make cleaning these appliances less of a chore.

For instance, some models come with a detachable waterproof head, which you can remove and wash under running tap water. Other brands supply a cleaning brush as well to dislodge any stubborn hair that’s stuck on the cap.

4 Accessories:

Depending on the brand and make that you choose, some eyebrow epilators also include a few extra accessories in the box.

For example, you can find some that come with a cleansing brush for exfoliating the skin. Other brands throw in a precision trimmer to shape the eyebrows when the hair is not long enough to epilate.

Additional accessories can include but are not limited to a massage roller to soothe the skin, a charging cable, and storage pouch for keeping all your epilator essentials in one place.

5 Type of Epilator:

There are two types of facial epilators; cordless and wired. Some of the battery-operated versions are rechargeable. However, others use AA cells that you have to replace. Either way, battery-operated epilators are the easiest and most convenient to use when traveling.

You can also opt for those that are waterproof if you prefer to epilate wet skin to dampen the pain of pulling hair from the root.

Keep in mind, though, that despite being less painful compared to dry epilation, this will take longer because of water weighing down on the hair and causing it to stick to the skin.

On the other hand, the cabled epilators have to remain plugged in during use. These versions facilitate fast tweezing but cannot support wet use due to the risk of electrocution.

6 Quality & Price:

Finally, make sure not to overlook price and quality when hunting for the best eyebrow epilator. You can expect to spend anything above £10 for the cheaper options and just under £100 when going for the more feature-packed units.

If you are on a budget, consider forgoing extra accessories that drive up the price. As for the quality, stick to reputable brands and take the time to read buyer reviews so that you can make an informed buying decision.

Recomended Eyebrow Epilators

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Eyebrow Hair Remover, Vogcrest Electric Painless Eyebrow Trimmer Epilator for Women, Portable Eyebrow Hair Removal Razor with Light.
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  • PAINLESS and EASY TO USE: It is the perfect substitute for the more traditional wax and tweezers....
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Remington Smooth and Silky Facial Hair Remover for Women, Face Epilator with Massage Head, Facial Brush and Eyebrow Trimmer, EP7070
  • Battery operated (included) facial epilator for use on chin, upper lip, forehead and to maintain...
  • Up to 4 weeks hair free - removes even the shortest hairs for silky smooth skin
  • 6x more effective than manual cleansing, with the facial cleansing brush. Deep cleansing brush...
SaleBestseller No. 3
MHSY Facial Hair Removal for Women, Rechargeable Eyebrow Trimmer and Painless Hair Removal 2 in 1 Electric Eyebrow Razor Epilator Built-in LED Light for Lips Nose Face Body Peach Fuzz
  • 1. Gentle & 100% Painless-- The 2-1 facial hair remover & eyebrow trimmer is hypoallergenic and safe...
  • 2. LED Light & USB Rechargeable--Updated facial hair remover with LED light makes it clearer to see...
  • 3. Waterproof & Easy To Clean--Waterproof detachable rotary cutter head makes the women hair shaver...

Prices & information last updated on 2022-07-23

Eyebrow Epilator FAQs

1 Is It Safe To Use An Epilator on Eyebrows?

You can use an epilator to remove unwanted eyebrow hair, but you have to be careful to keep the device away from your thin eyelids.

With the right type of epilator, this should not be difficult. Holding the skin taught by pulling the eyebrow up also helps to keep the epilator head away from sensitive areas close to the eyes.

2 Does an Eyebrow Epilator Hurt?

One of the drawbacks of using an epilator on any part of the skin is that it will sting. The level of discomfort experienced varies from one person to the next, but it could be more pronounced for people with sensitive skin.

The good news is that eyebrows tend to be very fine and will not hurt as much when they are pulled out. You can reduce the irritation by keeping the skin taught as you epilate. The pain also diminishes over time as you get used to the process of epilating.

3 Can a Regular Body Epilator Work for the Eyebrows?

Most body epilators are not suitable to use on eyebrows because the surface area of the head is too large to navigate around this part of the face.

Some of the body epilators in the market include a facial attachment as part of the package.

However, this type of accessory would still not offer the kind of precision that you need when removing eyebrow hair. This is because the facial attachment merely covers the epilating head to expose fewer tweezers, but it is often a struggle to control how much hair the epilator head can pick up. This is why it makes sense to opt for a shrunken-down version of the body epilator that is better suited for the job.

5 What is the Best Eyebrow Epilator?

A sleek profile design is one of the top features to look for when in search of the best eyebrow epilator. The idea here is to have something that you can easily maneuver around the eyes with precision.

To achieve this goal, many manufacturers design their eyebrow epilators with a cone-shaped head and slim design that mimics mascara pens and lipstick tubes.

Keep an eye out also for epilators that feature an LED light so that you can see fine eyebrow strands even better.

5 Is Epilating Eyebrows Better Than Waxing?

Just like epilation, waxing strips remove hair from the root and produce a very similar result. However, this process rips the top skin cells out along with the hair.

When epilating your eyebrows correctly, the device’s head should not make any skin contact. Although this does not make the process of pulling hair from the root any less painful, it is much more delicate for the sensitive skin under your eyebrows when compared to waxing.