How To Clean a Milk Frother (Covers All Types)
Dried or burnt-on milk can be a real pain to clean off your milk frother. And, whilst these increasingly popular devices help give us our frothy-coffee-fix, not many of us relish cleaning them. What’s more not every milk frother is cleaned the same way. For example, electric and stovetop... Read more
Drive By Exploit Email Scam – ‘I recorded you’
Email scams have always had something of a laughable reputation in the IT industry. It’s amusing, if a little irritating, when you receive an email from an individual claiming to be the President of some obscure country who desperately needs your help. It is even more amusing when you... Read more
A Quick Fix When Your Paper Shredder Blades Are Not Turning
We only pay attention to the humble paper shredder on two occasions. The first is when it needs emptying and the second is when it stops working. The most typical cause of the latter is the blades seizing up as a direct result of a blockage. And, the most... Read more
The Most Common Dehumidifier Questions Answered (FAQ)
When it comes to dehumidifiers people have a lot of questions: Are they safe to leave running all the time? Can I use one to dry my washing? Are they expensive to use? These useful household appliances seem to raise a lot of concerns and their usefulness across the... Read more
How To Clean a Dehumidifier
Black Friday Buying Tips: Broadband
Black Friday is a relatively recent import from America and seemed to come out of nowhere. The day after the U.S. Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday has been heralded as the beginning of the Christmas season and one of the busiest shopping days in the calendar. Brits have taken Black... Read more
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