Lay Z Spa Vegas Review – Top 7 Questions Answered & More
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Lay Z Spa Hawaii Review – Top 7 Questions Answered & More
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Lay Z Spa Maldives HydroJet Pro Review
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Inflatable Hot Tubs vs Regular Hot Tubs
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Can I Place My Portable/Inflatable Hot Tub In a Garage?
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Lay Z Spa Palm Springs HydroJet Review
Not to be confused with the AirJet version of the same name the Palm Springs Hydrojet is one of the premium models in the Lay Z Spa range. As such it comes with one or two extras you won’t find in many Lay Z Spa hot tubs. But with... Read more
Lay Z Spa Monaco AirJet Review
Sporting the accolade of winning the UK Pool and Spa Awards in 2018 the Monaco is the largest hot tub available in the Lay Z Spa range. It is also unique in that it features the thinnest walls of any inflatable hot tub. This is thanks to a new... Read more
Lay Z Spa Miami Inflatable Hot Tub Review
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Lay Z Spa Palm Springs AirJet Review
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