How To Choose The Best Steam Generator Iron – We Review The Top 6 How To Choose The Best Steam Generator Iron – We Review The Top 6
000(Last Updated On: December 18, 2017)000 How To Choose The Best Steam Generator Iron – We Review The Top 6
(Last Updated On: December 18, 2017)

It might surprise you to learn that, on average, we do 144 miles of ironing over our lifetime. With many people spending at least 1.2 whole days per year ironing.

The problem is that having your clothes ironed is an essential part of life. We not only need to iron our clothes when spending a night our with friends but also for work too. In fact, a spokesperson for Tefal commented that “Ironing is part of our weekly chores and how well you iron and how your shirt looks can influence first impressions.”

Yes, wrinkles and creases can be quite vexing, and many of us don’t enjoy ironing. But, its not all bad news. Apparently around 25% of us find ironing quite a therapeutic task and use it as an excuse to escape our family for a time.

Not only that but the introduction of powerful steam generator irons help make this task not only easier but much faster too. In this guide you’ll find out everything you need to know about steam generator irons before you buy. From reviews on the best irons available in the UK to finding out tips on what to look for – we have you covered.

This Guide At a Glance:

For ease this guide is broken down into easy to read chunks. You can read everything in order or skip to certain sections if there is anything in particular you’d like to know first. It covers everything we think you need to know before you buy. Here’s the contents at a glance:

Comparison Table

Our Top Pick
Low Price

  • Our Rating

  • Cable Length:
  • Water Tank Capacity:
  • Soleplate:
  • Steam Delivery:
  • Weight:
  • Auto Clean/Limescale Prevention:
  • £

  • Our Rating

  • Cable Length:
  • Water Tank Capacity:
  • Soleplate:
    Stainless Steel
  • Steam Delivery:
  • Weight:
  • Auto Clean/Limescale Prevention:
    Anti-Calc System
  • £

  • Our Rating

  • Cable Length:
  • Water Tank Capacity:
  • Soleplate:
    Titanium Layer and 6-Layer Coating
  • Steam Delivery:
  • Weight:
  • Auto Clean/Limescale Prevention:
  • ££

  • Our Rating

  • Cable Length:
  • Water Tank Capacity:
  • Soleplate:
    Stainless Steel
  • Steam Delivery:
  • Weight:
  • Auto Clean/Limescale Prevention:
    Anti-Lime Scale Filter
  • £

  • Our Rating

  • Cable Length:
  • Water Tank Capacity:
  • Soleplate:
  • Steam Delivery:
  • Weight:
  • Auto Clean/Limescale Prevention:
    Anti-Calc Scale Collector
  • £££

Steam Generator Iron Reviews

Morphy Richards 332000 Power Steam Elite Review

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Following in the footsteps of one of it’s predecessors, the 330002, the new Morphy Richards 332000 Power Steam Elite Iron continues in a long line of popular and well-made Morphy Richards irons.

Released in early 2015, the Morphy Richards 332000 boasts an easy carrying facility, 2.2L tank capacity, 6.5 bar pressure with a 170g steam-throw and most importantly, a unique auto-clean system. Available in black and purple, the design is certainly different when compared to most other irons.

Let’s take a look at how it works:

How to Use the Morphy Richards 332000 Power Steam Elite

This model sits nicely on a standard iron-board and is more secure compared to irons made by some of its competitors, which makes it feel very ‘safe’. The steam-lead is fairly long measuring 1.8m in length, slightly smaller than its 2m long power cable, so you’ll have ample reach. On the lower-left side of the steam generator, you’ll find a steel clip which comes out when pushed and you can use this to secure the steam cable. It makes this iron lighter and less bulky because the clip replaces the bulky cable-chambers found in some other models.

The 332000 can deliver up to 170g of steam per minute to power through stubborn creases

Again, safety comes into play because at the top of the steam generator, there is an iron-lock system which firmly holds the iron in place, eliminating any chance of slipping or mishandling whilst moving the iron or if it is not in use. There is a white finger-press button on the right side of the iron-rest which you can press to release the iron from the grip of the safety holder.

The water tank is very large at 2.2L and you can remove it from the machine and fill it with water without having to carry the whole mechanism to the water source. There is a lid at the top which you can pull up to pour the water in. On the left side of the tank, there is a max-water indicator (Max).

The control panel is on the back of the machine, featuring six light-icons, power, low, medium, high, descale and water-level indicator. Below the icons, there is a power button in the centre and a couple of heat level adjustment (right-left) buttons. A descale light turns on when the machine is cleaning itself (it does so after every 5L of water has been used) and the water-level indicator is a great addition because you don’t have to check the tank, it automatically beeps and lights up when the water level is too low.

On the iron, there is a familiar dial to adjust the heat according to the fabric type. The blue light inside the iron handle indicates when the iron is ready to press. The steam release press-button is at a very comfortable position under the iron handle.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?

Morphy Richards 332000 Power Steam Elite Iron has a big tank with the 2.2L tank but the best approach is to avoid filling it to the maximum level. Ideally, 1.2L to 1.5L is suitable.

The new auto-clean is an amazing addition to the Morphy Richards power steam irons because it ensures durability and efficiency of the steam generator.

The water-level indicting beep is another new feature which allows you to forget the frequent checking of the water line.

What We Think

It is a delicate and yet powerful addition to the Morphy Richards Power Steam Irons. Not only is is very well designed and looks great but its auto-clean system, generous tank capacity and poweful 170g steam delivery system makes it very effective too.

Beldray BEL0434V2 Steam Surge Pro Steam Generator Iron Review

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The Beldray BEL0434V2 is the perfect solution to achieving wonderful crease-free clothes, curtains and even upholstery.

The Steam Surge Pro station has a power capacity of 2400W. It has a separate variable temperature control system for both the iron and steam functions. Not only that but it is also equipped with an anti-calc filter which aids in preventing the accumulation of limescale – which could reduce the life span of the iron.

Its continuous steam function coupled with vertical steaming capabilities making it ideal for all kinds of tasks from ironing clothes to getting creases our of curtains and bed sheets. The steam station also comes with a 2-litre detachable water tank for easy re-filling while ironing, its ceramic soleplate enables smooth ironing and its carry handle promotes easy mobility.

How to Use The Iron

Before you begin to use your Steam Surge Pro, it should be switched off and the power disconnected. Initially, you might experience a slight smell or see some smoke, don’t be concerned as this is normal and will fade.

To begin with you will need to fill the water tank:

  • The unit should be switched off and unplugged.
  • The steam control button should be at the ‘MIN’ position.
  • Press the water tank release button; pull the tank out and away.
  • The anti-calc filter should be removed and the water tank filled up to the indicated ‘MAX’ level.
  • Replace the anti-calc filter and click the water tank back into position inside the base unit.
  • Use only tap water as de-ionized water will adversely affect the correct functioning of the internal sensors.

With the water tank full you are now ready to begin ironing. You can either iron with or without steam.

Steam Ironing

Without switching on the steam function, iron a plain cloth to check if everything is working OK.


  • Fill the water tank as explained above.
  • Turn the temperature control dial to the desired setting, the temperature indicator light switches on; once it switches off, it is a sign that the iron has heated and is ready to use.
  • Press and hold the steam button for steam selection. Release the button to stop using steam.
  • After use, turn the control dial to the ‘MIN’ position, switch off and unplug from the power supply.

Ironing Without Steam

  • Don’t fill the water tank with water – it can be emptied or left to be used when required.
  • Plug in and switch on the Steam Surge Pro.
  • Set the temperature control dial to the desired fabric temperature setting, the temperature indicator light illuminates and, after some time, switches off signaling the iron is ready.
  • After use, turn the control dial to the “MIN” position, switch off and unplug from the power supply.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?

  • The steam station requires a minimum 2-dot heat setting to produce steam.
  • Always place your Steam Surge Pro on the base unit when not in use.
  • Don’t iron on one particular area for a long time as this will damage the fabric.
  • The hose heats up when in use so be careful not to touch it!

What We Think

The Beldray BEL0434V2 Steam Surge Pro Steam Generator Iron has superb performance in that the end result is perfect and it produces a lot of steam! However, it takes quite a bit of time to heat up, around 4-5 minutes.

The size of the water holder is very spacious and can easily iron a huge pile of laundry without having to refill. Give your fabrics and clothes the ultimate treatment with this high-powered steam station.

Morphy Richards 333020 Review

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The Morphy Richards 333020 Jet Steam Generator Iron is another great addition to the Morphy Richards range and comes in a pink and white combination that complements its lightweight nature.

This particular model has been on the best seller list on Amazon UK for a while now, attracting thousands of customers all over the world due to its beautiful design and comparatively low price.

How to Use Morphy Richards 333020

The best thing about this model is that its size is ‘regular’ for an iron (category C) and works well with the standard iron board. This means it sits nicely in place and is stable when on almost any board wihtout the risk of it falling off because it is too large.

The replaceable antiscale cartridge filters the water to help prolong the life of the iron and improve performance

At the front end of the iron handle, there is a big press-button to trigger the water spray. This feature is excellent for removing stubborn creases because you can deliver extra bursts of water precisly where you need them. Below the iron handle, you find the steam releasing button, which is fairly easy for the finger to feel and operate. Once pressed, it releases 100g of steam to deal with heavier fabrics such as linen and denim or to bust through stubborn creases!

The soleplate is stainless steel, ensuring durability and efficient heat delivery. You can remove the tank from the front and refill it with ease. You don’t even have to stop ironing because the Morphy Richards 333020 features a continuous-fill boiler.

When filling the tank, it is recommended to use distilled water to ensure the proper working and longevity of the steam generator. The replaceable anti-scale cartridge makes maintenance easy, resulting in a long-lasting product that’s guaranteed to give you consistent performance over the years.

To begin ironing your clothes, you have to allow the steam generator a couple of minutes to get ready. This time may seem a bit longer than Morphy Richards Power Generator Elite series but, by no means can we call it a big drawback.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?

The handle where you grip the iron might be a tight squeeze for some because of its size. Immeadiately below the handle, you can find a heat controlling dial with standard low, medium and high indicators.

Let us have a look at the specifications:

  • Continuous steam power is 100g per minute
  • 1L water tank with (removable)
  • 2200W power intake
  • Stainless steel soleplate
  • Anti-calc (prevents limescale build-up)
  • H x W x D = 27.5cm x 20cm x 37cm
  • 1.8m long cable
  • Weight (Generator plus iron) 3.7 kilograms

What do We think?

At a comparatively low price, Morphy Richards 333020 is a good product featuring removable tank, quick and easy handling, smooth glides, vertical steam press, water spray and replaceable cartridge, but also carries the following drawbacks:

  • Requires distilled water
  • Reduced capacity of the water tank
  • Not enough space on the handle for a relaxing grip for those people with larger hands
  • Cannot retract the cable

Overall, in our opinion, it is an economical yet effective steam generating iron from Morphy Richards and definitely worthy of consideration if you are looking at steam generator iron which won’t break the bank. It’ll get the job done but comes without some of the features such as larger water tank and cable tidies etc you will find on slightly higher priced models.

Philips GC7805 PerfectCare Compact Steam Generator Iron Review

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Are you looking for an iron that won’t burn your clothes? From silk to jeans, the Philips PerfectCare Compact Steam Generator Iron boasts the latest OptimalTEMP technology which makes it virtually impossible to burn your clothes. Philips even claims you can leave the iron face down on the fabric and there is no chance of burn or shine.

The GC7805 design is similar to that of the GC7808 except for the colour. The Philips GC7805 PerfectCare Compact Steam Generator Iron is bright which makes it more attractive and eye-catching – for an iron!

Let’s dive right in and see how the GC7805 works…

How to Use Philips GC7805 PerfectCare

The first thing you’ll need to do is fill the water tank. This can be accessed using a small lid located on the front of the device. After filling you are ready to switch on the iron. A soft light running along the handle will illuminate indicating that the iron is ready for use.

Looking at the back of the tank, you will notice there are three illuminated buttons. On the left, is the Eco-button which turns from blue to green when pressed, inidcating that Eco mode is active. In the middle, there the ON/OFF button and on the right, there is a descale button. The iron will beep and the red light of the descale button will indicate when the system needs to be descaled.

The steam releasing press-button is under the handle of the iron at a comfortable resting place for the index finger. Which makes getting regular bursts of steam easy when you’re tackling a mountain or ironing!

To lock the iron on the resting platform, there is a white button just above the lid of the 1.5L water tank. As you push the lock-in, it will hold the iron firmly in its place. Which is a great safety feature and helps make moving the iron and attached tank much easier.


Above we mentioned that the iron will alert you when it needs descaling. To do this you will need to use the supplied descaling dish. Although this might initially sound a little itimidating to use, it is in fact very simple to operate.

Place the iron (Switched ON) on the dish and press the descale button on the back of the unit. Let the system work for the next five minutes after which it will automatically stop once done. And, thats it! The Machine will have just cleaned itself.

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?

If you need extra steam to press tough clothing such as jeans, just keep the ON/OFF button pressed for a couple of seconds. There will be a light change from blue to white which indicates the initiation of Turbo Boost.

If for some reason you forget to turn the iron OFF and go out of the room, the automatic Turn-Off feature will kick into effect automatically switching the iron OFF. This is a great safety feature especially if you have children or pets in your home.

The specs are as follows:

  • Tank capacity: 1.5L
  • Safety Lock
  • 5.3 bar pressure
  • Max. 250-gram steam boost
  • Woolmark Gold seal (can press wool fabric)
  • 6-layer soleplate coating

What Do We Think?

Being the first Woolmark Gold seal earner, Philips GC7805 PerfectCare Compact Steam Generator Iron certainly has an edge over its competitors.

Its myriad of useful safety features ranging from OptimalTEMP (so you never burn your clothes), automatic switch off feature and Turboboost mode (for tackling stubborn creases or heavier items of clothing) makes this iron one of the best available today. It is loaded with innovative features that we’re sure will make the chore of ironing just that little bit easier.

Swan SI9021N Automatic Steam Generator Review

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The SI9021N steam generator iron comes with a variety of steam functions which are designed to ease away stubborn creases and put an end to the irksome task of dealing with large piles of ironing. Not only that but it also features a vertical steam option, which is perfect for removing creases from hanging garments and curtains, and really increases the versatility of this iron.

Swan also offer a 2-year guarantee on the product – which shows real confidence in is build quality and longevity. It features a steam output of 90g per minute and has a detachable 1.7L water tank removing the need for continual refilling. In addition, the product comes with a highly convenient 2m power cable and takes 2 minutes to heat up with temperature and steam ready indicators, so you know when it is ready for use.

How to Use the Iron

Out of the box this iron comes with a few stickers and protective foil, which will need removing before its first use (most of which are located on the soleplate). Next, you will need to fully heat the iron and proceed to iron a damp cloth for a few minutes because this helps remove any residue found on the soleplate. Don’t worry about the smell being generated when you switch on the unit for the first time; this comes from light manufacturing oils used during production and this odour quickly fades away.

Once the process above is complete, using the SI9021N is simple:

  • Simultaneously push down on the two handle release buttons (located on either side of the water tank). This will allow you to fold the carry handle flat against the tank to keep it out of the way whilst ironing. Then connect the unit to the electricity supply.
  • Next you will need to remove the water tank from the stand for filling. To do this press on the ‘tank lock’ button to unlock and remove the tank. After this remove the limescale filter. Pour water into the tank up to the given ‘MAX’ fill level indicator.
  • The limestone filter should now be replaced and the water-tank re-positioned inside the iron base. A click sound will ensure that it’s properly replaced. The temperature dial can now be turned to your garment’s required setting and the heating light will become visible.

Anything Else I Need to Know?

Here are a few things that you should keep in mind:

  • When ironing fabrics for wool, silk, and synthetic materials, it’s always best to iron the reverse side first as this will prevent the formation of shiny spots.
  • For the above-mentioned fabrics don’t use the steam functions to help prevent marks or stains. You can disable the steam functions by turning the ‘Steam ON/OFF’ switch to OFF.
  • Once the heating light is out indicating the desired temperature has been achieved, the Steam Button should be pressed down with the iron facing away from the garment. This allows the ejection of drops of water from previous ironing tasks.
  • Ironing for longer periods of time can lead to the interconnection cord heating up, so becareful not to touch this! If you notice this cord getting quite balmy place the iron on the heel rest and go give both yourself and the iron a break!

What Do We Think?

In our opinion the Swan SI9021N Automatic Steam Generator is a very worthwhile addition this guide, it heats up fast and glides over the fabric allowing you to tackle large amounts of ironing easily.

The only downside is that the iron is a bit heavy (3.35kg) – heavier than the previous models. Also, unlike its predecessors, the Swan SI9021N has no space to wind the cord around when not in use.

Tefal – Express Anti-calc GV7450G0 Review

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Tefal stands out with its unique patented design, safety features and easy to use controls across its range of irons. The Tefal – Express Anti-calc GV7450G0 is an impressive addition to its range and boasts a technology invented by Tefal in 2008 called an ‘anti-calc collector’ (similar technology has since been introduced by other brands). This device is designed to literally collect the limescale produced in the iron’s boiler in a special reservoir which can be removed and emptied.

But why is this important? To begin with limescale can not only reduce the lifespan of your iron but also cause stains or marks on your clothes. Secondly, limescale build-up can also prevent steam being released so readily which makes ironing out creases much more difficult.

How to Use The Tefal – Express Anti-calc GV7450G0

The Integra System Keeps The Steam Hose Safely Tucked Away When Not In Use

Before we begin this section we must draw your attention to the handling of the Tefal GV7450G0. Like its siblings, this model is heavy and needs to be placed on the ironing board’s main table to ensure safe ironing. Tefal also recommends that you use a mesh-type ironing board to allow steam to penetrate the clothes and escape through the ironing board itself.

Starting with the water tank (which is located on front, top of the steam generator) there is a lid that must be pulled open so water can be poured into the water tank. The capacious 1.7L blue tank is transparent allowing you to easily see the water level. Once filled to maximum capacity, you can iron for up to two hours.

Next you need to pull the ‘steam-hose’ out of it’s handy storage location in the lower-left of the steam generator tank. It is important to note that you must remove this before switching the iron on because it does get hot during use. Following this you’re now ready to pull out the power cable (located at the rear, right-hand side of the steam generator tank) and plug this in. Once done the base unit has an indicated light which will flash green as it begins to heat the water.

To set the amount of steam produced there is a steam-control dial on the back of the tank which gives you the option to select low-steam, eco-steam or high-steam. With eco-steam consuming the least amount of electricity, but obviously producing less steam. Once selected the device begins to heat the water and you can actually hear the water steaming inside the tank. During this process you may hear the occasional metallic click. But this is nothing to be worried about and occurs as different components simply expand or contract as they heat and cool respectively.

Below the iron-handle, there is a large blue dial to adjust the temperature according to the fabric type (mentioned on the dial along with low, medium and high indicators). The finger-press button right under the iron handle allows you to throw the steam out whenever you like. When adjusting the heat level, don’t forget to allow a few seconds for temperature adjustment and remember that it takes longer for the device to cool than heat. So it might be worth ironing your more delicate items first.

Cleaning the iron is also simple and the steam station will alert you when it needs descaling. The red-coloured anti-calc collector is located at the lower-right of the steam-station and protected by a transparent cap. Turn the cap to take it off and expose the access to the limescale drawer. Once removed simply rinse this under a tap to remove the limescale and then replace it. It really is that simple!

Is There Anything Else I Need to Know?


1. Locking System

The iron can be safely locked directly onto the steam generator base unit for safe storage and transportation. A locking lever located at the top of the base unit can be raised to effectively clamp over the tip of the iron and hold it in place. You’ll know the iron is secure because this lever clicks when it is engaged correctly.


1. Removing The Calc-Collector

The iron must fully cool down for at least 2 hours before removing the calc-collector drawer. This will allow the hot steam to dissipate and the water in the tank to cool. Not only that but it will also prevent you from injuring yourself too!

2. Steam Hose

As with most steam generator irons the hose which carries the steam from the steam generator to the iron itself does get hot whilst in use. So make sure to watch your side, protect your waist and maintain a little distance.

What We Think

Despite not coming with many drawbacks it is worth noting that this Tefal iron model takes a little bit more time to heat up when compared with its siblings. The Tefal GV7450G0 needs 2 minutes to warm up whereas Tefal’s earlier models take anywhere from 25 seconds to 60 seconds.

But, this slight disadvantage aside; the anti-calc system, impressive ironing time of up to 3 hours and innovative hose and power cord storage system more than makes up for this. Its similarly priced to the Philips GC7805 meaning these extra features also doesn’t mean an increase in price when compared to similarly featured irons.

What to Look For When Buying a Steam Generator Iron (Buyers Guide)

Steam generator irons certainly have a lot of benefits over their traditional counterparts. However, how do you go about buying such an iron? And, what factors should you consider?

To help you decide here are a list of features we recommend you consider before you buy:

1. Cost

We know cost seems like an overly obvious point to start with. However, deciding on how much you’re willing to spend before you start looking will prevent you overspending on snazzy features or gimmicks. It will also help narrow decide on what features are important and give you an idea of which irons you should stear clear of. Once you’ve finalised your price limit, you’re ready to consider our points below…

2. Steam Pressure

Pressurised steam generator models, on pressing a trigger, give out a powerful blast, ironing out stubborn creases with ease. Non-pressurised steam generator irons work similarly but produce more steam. These non-pressurised irons come with a separate water tank for convenient refilling, which can often hold around 2l of water, allowing you to tackle even the largest ironing chores with ease.

3. Soleplate

Why should you consider soleplates when choosing an iron? Thin soleplates with slim nose points, as opposed to their thicker counterparts, glide smoothly on clothes. They also don’t snag on buttons and zips when ironing either, making them a good option if you need iron a lot of shirts or blouses, for example.

4. Removable Water Tank

This feature is very convenient as it enables easy refilling of the iron. Another tip concerning the water tank is to always ensure that you purchase an iron with a clear water tank so that you can easily see the water-level when refilling or ironing.

5. Automatic Shutdown

Did you know that leaving an iron ON is an accident waiting to happen? Each year, irons account for around 30 house fires in the UK (according to a study conducted by Which?). This is why it’s important to look for a steam generator iron with an automatic shutdown feature. Not only will it help prevent nasty accidents, it will also help cut down on your energy bill too.

6. Iron Lock

Having the iron locked to the base is beneficial in transporting and carrying. This increases safety as the iron lock reduces the risk of the iron falling and causing damage of any sort.

The Differences Between Steam Generator Irons and Regular Irons

For many people, a steam generator iron might appear to be just new version of the regular steam iron. But, this is not really true. While it’s true that both irons do the same job, i.e. iron clothes, HOW they operate is different.

Steam generator irons were designed to help simplify your life by allowing you get through your ironing in the shortest time possible. They produce more steam, and when faced with a pile of laundry, the more steam you have, the better. Steam generator irons are more efficient and are arguably better than regular irons.

Both types of irons have their benefits and similarities of course; however, they also have their differences. Let’s take a look at these differences below.

1. Appearance and Size

The size and design of steam generator irons and regular irons is clear to see. Regular irons are single units. When you want to use them all you have to do is plug them into an electrical socket and begin ironing.

Steam generator irons, on the other hand, are bigger in size and have two different units, one of which is the iron itself and the other is the base unit. The iron and base unit are connected to each other by a hose. To commence ironing, you first have to plug the base unit into an electrical socket and allow it to heat up.

The base unit is where the water is stored and steam generated. Steam travels through the connecting hose to the soleplate of the iron.

2. Steam Production

This is another important difference. A steam generator irons steam producing capability is far greater than that of a conventional iron. What makes steam generator irons more efficient at removing creases is this production of large amounts of steam. This steam production allows you to iron faster, more efficiently, and with more ease.

Put another way, we could compare the two irons using the following analogy: You can wash your car using a pressure washer or an ordinary hose-pipe. Both will clean the car but the former is faster and easier. A steam generator iron and a regular iron will both get your clothes ironed but using the more powerful option will greatly reduce the amount of time spent on an ironing chore. Freeing up your time for more fun things!

3. Water Tank Capacity

You might be wondering why water tank capacity is important in irons and steam generator irons. Their capacity is important because it either makes life convenient for you (i.e. fewer refills) or it can make your ironing chore extra-long (i.e. continuously having to refill the small tank).

The size of the water tank in the steam generator iron is a lot larger than the one in regular irons. A larger water tank means less frequent refilling with a lot more continuous ironing. Some steam generator iron models have water tank capacity of up to 1.8 litres which means you can go on ironing for up to 2-3 hours if you so choose. Imagine how many times you’ll have to stop and re-fill the water tank in regular irons!

4. Steam Pressure

The importance of steam pressure in an iron can never be underestimated. Steam pressure can help you have a love or hate relationship with the iron. An iron that has good steam pressure will significantly improve your ironing experience, whereas an iron with insufficient steam pressure will frustrate you.

This is a very significant difference as the two appliances don’t deliver the same amount of steam pressure. The steam generator iron gives out extra pressure, controlled by pressing a trigger, more effectively removing creases from clothes than a normal steam iron.

To Sum Up…

Taking all these differences into account, it can be said that steam generator irons are the ideal choice for people with large households, who have to get through large laundry piles weekly. It’s also a great choice for those who don’t have large households but simply want the best quality ironing results in the shortest possible time.

This is not to say regular irons aren’t any good. Regular irons are compact and are less expensive when compared steam generator irons, and they are suitable for anyone who doesn’t need to iron too often. However, even the smallest ironing tasks can be significantly sped-up using a steam generator iron.

Closing Thoughts

As with choosing most appliances, steam generator irons present a huge amount of features for you to choose from. However, armed with the knowledge contained in this guide we’re sure you’ll be able to narrow your options down quite well.

But, if you’re still a little unsure we recommend you:

  • Take a look at our comparison table to quickly evaluate our pick of the top irons.
  • Check out the buyers guide to get a round up of the important features we think you should look for before buying.