Online Guitar Lessons – Best Sites Compared & Tips On What To Look For Online Guitar Lessons – Best Sites Compared & Tips On What To Look For
Online Guitar Lessons – Best Sites Compared & Tips On What To Look For

With roots that run all the way back to the 15th century, the guitar has had a long and interesting history. Just about every past civilization has had a variation of this instrument – ancient Greek-stringed Chitara, Vuhuela of Spanish origin, early Egyptian Tanbur, among others.

Today, the guitar stands as one of the two (alongside the piano) most popular musical instruments in the world. In fact, hundreds and thousands of pairs of fresh hands develop guitar skills every day.

If you are looking to get your rock (or groove) on, you are definitely not alone. The good news is that learning guitar skills in the modern world is not only cheaper than ever before but also absurdly easy thanks to the many online guitar lesson websites dedicated to training guitarist hopefuls.

But, is it even possible to learn the guitar online? In this guide, we explore the concept of learning how to play the guitar through online classes. Read on to discover everything there is to know about online guitar lessons.

Online Guitar Lessons Comparison Table

  • JamPlay

  • Our Rating
  • Free Trial:
    7 days
  • Monthly Fee:
  • No. Of Instructors:
  • No. Of Lessons:
    5995 lessons (taught over 400+ courses)
  • Mobile Device Support?
  • Suitable For:
    All ability levels
  • Can Teach You To Play:
    Electric guitar & acoustic guitar
  • Money-Back Guarantee:
    30 days
  • Noteworthy Features:
    Lessons from some of the best musicians around, live video guitar courses, and social network for interacting with other members

  • Guitar Tricks

  • Our Rating
  • Free Trial:
    14 days
  • Monthly Fee:
  • No. Of Instructors:
  • No. Of Lessons:
    Over 11,000
  • Mobile Device Support?
  • Suitable For:
    All ability levels
  • Can Teach You To Play:
    Electric guitar & acoustic guitar
  • Money-Back Guarantee:
    60 days
  • Noteworthy Features:
    Core Learning System, long list of song lessons, and a vast spectrum of lessons

  • Infinite Guitar

  • Our Rating
  • Free Trial:
    No (but there are 8 free complementary lessons you can go through to get a feel for the teaching styles)
  • Monthly Fee:
    $8.25/month on an annual subscription or $10.95 on a month-to-month basis
  • No. Of Instructors:
  • No. Of Lessons:
    Over 2,200
  • Mobile Device Support?
  • Suitable For:
    All ability levels
  • Can Teach You To Play:
    Electric guitar & acoustic guitar
  • Money-Back Guarantee:
    3 days
  • Noteworthy Features:
    State-of-the-art Lesson Search Interface, hundreds of backing tracks, and a social community forum

Roundup: The Best Online Guitar Lesson Sites Compared


More Info & 7 Day Free Trial

Truth be told, learning to play the guitar is a labour of love. You are more likely to learn fast and become an expert player if you have a great passion for the instrument. With that said, it certainly helps to have a seasoned trainer by your side showing you the ropes. JamPlay offers just that for those who are eager to hone their guitar playing skills.

With over 500,000 guitarists under their belt, JamPlay offers hundreds of guitar courses. It has training modules for both beginners and advanced players. You will also get a wide array of instructors from which to choose.

This guitar lessons website also offers excellent support through theory training tools as well as messaging & live video chats with teachers. Reviews from teachers, progress reports, and games, are also a few nice additions that JamPlay has to offer. So, if you want your best shot at learning the guitar online, JamPlay is the place to be. Read this guide to see what makes JamPlay a legend in online guitar lessons.

Ease of Use

JamPlay crams a huge amount of content into an easy to use, polished interface

Despite offering a huge amount of content, JamPlay has a polished and neatly arranged interface. This makes it very easy to navigate through the website and your course material. If you are looking to get started, simply click on the lessons tab at the top and you will be guided through the options.

You can also click other tabs to learn more about what JamPlay has to offer. For instance, the ‘Teachers’ tab gives you the biography of available instructors so you can choose the one you like the most.

Once you have chosen a course, you will be provided with a lessons page complete with all the tools you need to learn. Side and bottom toolbars on the video player present you with an array of actions like choosing the part of a song you want to learn; focusing on a specific section; adjusting playback speed; accessing supplemental learning material or lessons from your instructor; downloading a song; making notes; and even leaving a comment or question for your teacher.

Level of Quality

JamPlay features 80+ instructors all of whom are guitarists with years of experience behind them

Anyone with guitar skills and a camera can film a few good lessons and post them online. What JamPlay offers, however, is in a league-of-its-own. You get high educational value through 80+ instructors all of whom are guitarists with years of experience behind them. Some are even famous solo artists and members of a band.

The production quality of the lessons is also excellent. Videos are crystal clear and shot from different angles that show you close-ups of where your fingers are supposed to be. The videos are in-depth and thorough – sometimes going overboard with details so you get to learn as much as possible. This is good for the student as you get full exposure, but a bit time consuming as the extra details take longer to explain.

Available Resources

If there is one thing that JamPlay is not in short of, it’s learning material. Over five thousand lessons cater to everyone from amateurs to trained guitarists looking for a refresher course.

To make learning easier, the lessons are broken down into 4 phases. The first phase is for beginners. It features a LOT of lessons that teach the basics of guitar playing for both the electric and acoustic versions of the instrument. Phase 1 has various lessons for different types of beginners. For instance, there is a 19-lesson series for kids and 68- lesson time saver course that covers a range of topics like guitar chords or creating a song. Another 68-lesson hold-your-hand introductory approach offers detailed teachings on chords, charts, strumming, and so much more. It is pretty much up to you to decide how you want to start exploring the amazing world of guitar playing.

The remaining phases are more advanced in nature. Phase 3 to 4 focus on building up your playing skills. You can learn to play that style you have always loved (be it jazz, metal, rock, funk, or even Celtic) with Phase 2, polish up on your playing techniques with Phase 3’s lengthy repertoire of mastery lessons and nifty tricks, or dare to venture into the world of song production on Phase 4.

The final stage teaches you how to play your favourite songs. Some of the songs are actually taught by the artist who originally composed them. You can also learn how to create your own guitar soundtracks or songs.

For even more exposure to guitar playing, JamPlay goes on to offer fun extra tutorials. These come in the form of Bass Lessons, Live video call-in Courses, and an Artist Series where JamPlay’s most accomplished guitarists and real-life musicians pass on their own personal play styles to students.

As if all that is not enough, JamPlay also offers a rich collection of guitar theory learning tools (chord database, chord finder, a library of jam tracks, apps, games, and a whole lot more) to back up their video lessons.

Caters to both beginner and advanced players
Plenty of courses and instructors to choose from
Gives you a shot at learning from real life artists
Offers a platform for contacting teachers as well as other JamPlay members
You can only download songs but not videos
Lessons from a while back are not as high quality as recent ones


As far as online guitar websites go, JamPlay can hang with the best. With its extensive coverage on all topics of the guitar, top quality lessons (only matched by the likes of the veteran website GuitarTricks), and a goldmine of theory information, JamPlay offers a comprehensive and fun learning experience that is hard to beat.

Not only that but in recent years new course material created by David Isaacs and Steve Eulberg is comprehensive and thorough and aimed to tutor beginners. Making JamPlay an excellent source for new and more experienced players and helps shake its reputation as not being so beginner friendly.

So, if you are looking for a reputable website to learn the guitar or improve your skills, JamPlay (25% off your 1st month using this link) should definitely be a top contender on your list.

Guitar Tricks

More Info & 14 Day Free Trial

Launched way-back in 1998, GuitarTricks practically wrote the book on online guitar lessons paving the way for other websites like Jamplay, InfinteGuitar, and many others. Because it was a pioneer in the industry, GuitarTricks has managed to amass the biggest user base (2.5 million and growing), over 11,000 guitar lessons (including more than 600 songs), and 30+ teachers. Granted, the numbers are impressive. But, how does this translate to the learning experience you’ll receive as a member? Read on to find out more.

Ease of Use

GuitarTricks features a professional looking website with a clean, simple layout that makes it easy for both visitors and members to find their way around. The website’s homepage gives a quick introduction to what GuitarTricks is before providing you with links at the bottom of the page that lead you to the lessons offered.

Options include beginner, advanced, song and style lessons. Clicking on either of the links will take you to another page with more information about what that particular lesson involves and what courses are included.

A sidebar on each of the pages gives access to the website’s Toolbox, a Progress tracker, background information on the instructors, and the News section with music related articles and offers.

Level of Quality

With JamPlay’s list of teachers about to hit the 90 mark, GuitarTricks 30(ish) instructors may not seem like much. However, despite the huge gap in personnel, the quality of education remains to be more or less the same on both websites.

GuitarTricks’ videos are informative, well shot with views from different angles and easy to digest.

What GuitarTricks lacks in numbers they more than make up for it with good pedigree. All instructors have a rich guitar-playing history with a majority of them having recorded and played music with well-known artists from around the world. Anders Moruidsen, for instance, is not only a favourite among students due to his laid-back yet informative lessons but has also performed with famous artists like Taylor Swift, John Fogerty, and pink.

Another noteworthy point that works in favour of GuitarTricks is that the website features a varied bunch of instructors who teach various age groups and in different styles. Some of the instructors even specialize in more than one genre thereby eliminating the need for ‘overstocking’ on teachers. For example, Doug Fearman teaches lessons on blues, jazz, and rock, while Sharon Aguilar teaches rock, funk, and country.

GuitarTricks also provide video lessons. The videos are informative and well shot with views from different angles. They are also short and straight to the point, which is great for saving on time and makes them easy to digest. The best highlight though is the fact that GuitarTricks allows you to download video tutorials to your PC or Tablet where you can play and replay lessons until the information sinks in. With the limit placed at 15 downloads per user per day, GuitarTricks is very generous with how much you can download.

Available Resources

GuitarTricks constantly updates their learning resource – adding new songs artist studies & more

Despite being a veteran in the business, GuitarTricks keeps updating their learning resource on a regular basis by adding a few songs, new artist studies, one-on-one personalized lessons (costing $40 for 30 minutes or $60/hour), and more. This has worked great for the website, as it currently stands as the biggest source of video guitar lessons online. And, to ensure you do not get lost within the thousands of lessons available, the huge database of lessons is organized into the 4 main categories mentioned earlier (Beginner, Advanced, Song, & Style lessons) to make it easy for you to find your niche on the website.

The beginner and advanced lessons are where GuitarTricks stands out from the rest, making it the best learning resource for someone who has never picked up a guitar before. This is thanks to the website’s trademark Core Learning System that is included in both the beginner and advanced category of lessons.

Core Learning System

The Core Learning System basically takes you through a series of courses on guitar (i.e. Guitar Fundamentals Level 1, Guitar Fundamentals Level 2, Blues Level 1, Blues Level 2, Country Level 1, Country Level 2, Rock Level 1, and Rock Level 2) each featuring several chapters.

The courses follow a step-by-step process that begins by teaching introductory points – how to hold a guitar and accompanying pick, how to strum a guitar, how to hit simple chords and melodies, how to maintain the instrument, and so on, before moving onto advanced topics (power chords, scales, major & minor chords, how to read music, etc).

The final part of the courses then teaches genre-specific skills (strumming patterns, chord vocabulary & progressions, rhythm playing, and more) in blues, country, and rock. By the time you are done, you will not only have learnt everything there is to learn about the guitar, but you will also have developed impressive playing skills in 3 of the most popular guitar styles.

Already Have The Basics Mastered?

But what if you already have the basics of guitar playing mastered? Well, GuitarTricks also has something for you.

Simply jump onto the Styles and Song categories, which is where all the fun is. There is no format to follow with both options – just you playing to your heart’s content. You can choose to become a rockstar, blues master, jazz guru, or expert in whatever genre you have always fancied as there are 12 different styles at your disposal (funk & soul, world, surf, rock, jazz, metal, blues, rockability, bluegrass, classical, country, and acoustic).

The song list, in turn, stretches into hundreds of options including famous hits like Let It Be by the Beatles, The Thrill Is Gone by BB King, Sweet Home Alabama, and even Stevie Ray’s version of ‘Mary Had A Little Lamb’.

GuitarTricks also offers a host of other learning material including a toolbox complete with chord and scale finders, reference tuner, fretboard trainer, jam station, and metronome. Also included is a guitar coaching program (with 1:1 and group lessons,) along with Gear & Tone, Chord & Scales, Practice, Techniques, and Artist Studies.

Offers a vast selection of lessons
Makes lessons fun by teaching through songs
Video lessons are downloadable at no extra cost
All instructors are either accomplished artists or certified guitar trainers – or both
Equally as affordable as JamPlay (under $20/month or $200/year)
Offers 60-day window where you can ask for your money back if the lessons offered are not satisfactory to you
Since video lessons are recorded independently by instructors, some tutorials are of higher quality than others
Compared to JamPlay, the course material is somewhat lacking in blues and rock genres
Does not teach music theory with their song lessons


GuitarTricks is a solid online guitar-learning website that comes with the benefit of experience. Their beginner lessons are the best in the industry, the song and style tutorials are fun, while the available learning material is so vast you probably won’t get to go through all of it. All in all, GuitarTricks is one of the best ways for a beginner to learn the guitar and a fun way for average guitarists to polish their skills.

Infinite Guitar

More Info & Free Lessons

Infinite Guitar may not be in the same league as the industry’s “Big 2” (GuitarTricks & JamPlay) online guitar teaching websites, but it definitely has a lot to offer.

The website is well stocked with over 2000 guitar lessons covering a wide range of topics and styles. It also has a good number of song tutorials, free lessons, and a ton of theory information. In addition, the lesson organization caters to players of all levels.

When you consider all of this plus the very low membership fees this makes Infinite Guitar a good fit for pretty much anyone. Here is an in-depth look at just what Infinite Guitar offers.

Ease of Use

Infinite Guitar allows you to track your progress easily as you master the guitar and different playing styles

Like most online guitar websites, Infinite Guitar features a standard ‘structured’ layout where several links take you to various pages of the website. In this case, the navigation accesses the Levels tought, topics covered, styles offered, included Instructors, studies section, the website’s blog platform, and more.

Whilst browsing through Infinite Guitar to sample what is on offer is easy enough, this platform goes a step further to include a ‘Lesson Search’ function to make finding what you’d like to learn a snap. The function is basically a filter. You can use it to sort content by type, media, difficulty, style, topic, and Instructor.

So, instead of sifting through thousands of lessons looking for what you want, you can simply hit the Lesson Search function, modify your search, and go directly to the content you are interested in learning.

Level of Quality

If we were to vet Infinite Guitar on quality, the site would get an above average score, and with good reason. The website has a team of 15+ excellent teachers recruited from all over the world. There might not be as many when compared to other sites but all are professionals within the music industry either as recording artists, pro guitar players, composers, or private tutors. So the lessons you get will be of comparable quality to the big sites.

The advanced lesson search feature filters through 1000’s of lessons so you can find what you want quickly

With video lessons, every instructor shoots their own, so quality varies from teacher to teacher. However, the instructors make it a point to deliver the lessons with views from multiple angles. The only problem is that you will not be able to see what 2 hands are doing at the same time since there are no split views.

Luckily, video lessons come with some supplemental material in the form of pop up text, tables, diagrams, and other visual aids. The material helps to paint a clear picture of what is being taught and can be printed right from the lesson for later reviewing. You can also expand a video’s view to full screen or dim out any on-screen background distractions for better visualization.

Available Resources

The best way to learn guitar is through a structured program and Infinite Guitar offers you exactly that. This is actually one of the things that have made Infinite Guitar a strong player in the world of guitar websites.

Lessons are spread over 4 levels namely; Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, and Crazy. The latter level is advanced shredding while the first 3 levels are categorized into planned lessons that follow a properly formulated chronological plan of action.

The beginner course for instance first introduces you to things you need to know like parts of the guitar, notes of the strings, proper posture when playing, an overview on tuning, what a pick is and how to hold it, how to read guitar tablature, and more. This followed by lessons on techniques, chords, scales, music theory, song tutorials, and style applications in that order. The same level of detailed planning is also found with the intermediate and advanced courses.

Beyond the extensive list of structured courses, Infinite Guitar also offers a ton of video lessons in 8 different styles (rock, jazz, acoustic, classical, blues, funk, metal, and fusion). Aside from that, there are plenty of resources for guitar players, in the form of song tutorials, an interactive chord finder, a customisable metronome as well as hundreds (230+) of backing tracks in all popular styles which you can use for practice.

Inexpensive website for learning the guitar online
The website features a forum where you can interact with instructors or other learners
Every lesson comes with a metronome
Backing tracks are all downloadable
There is a bookmark feature within each lesson that helps you to keep track of the lessons you have completed as well as quickly find lessons you want to re-visit
Video quality is okay but not top notch
You will need a reliable internet connection at all times to stream video lessons since they cannot be downloaded for offline viewing
You only get a 72-hour money back guarantee


Being a latecomer to the world of online guitar lessons, Infinite Guitar has a long way to go before being able to stand out among the larger more established sites. That said, the website is doing a good job so far.

The available video lessons are decent and cover just about all guitar styles and skill levels. There is also a comprehensive array of theory material, song tutorials, plus a user community with 5000 users and access to instructors, which means you will get all the things you need to learn guitar.

Therefore, for someone looking for an inexpensive online guitar website, Infinite Guitar could be a good match.

Real World vs. Online Guitar Lessons

Before we delve into how online guitar lessons work and what benefits there are to enjoy, we must address a question that has been the cause of a great uproar and endless debates in the guitar-loving community. Between traditional private tutor and online lessons, which is the best way to learn guitar?

Pros of Private Lessons

Many people would argue that the one-on-one interaction that comes with private lessons is and will always be the most effective way to develop guitar-playing skills. And, they would be right.

In addition to teaching you how to hit the various chords, a teacher that is physically present will pass on nuggets of wisdom like how to correctly hold the instrument, how to re-tune your guitar, the ideal amount of force to put behind your fingers when strumming in order to hit the perfect tunes, and so on. These little pieces of advice can be very instrumental (no pun intended) in helping you become a great guitar player.

A personal tutor can rectify any mistakes you make immediately thereby stopping the development of bad habits that may affect your playing later on. You can also get answers to any questions you may have on the spot. What’s more, your tutor will be able to observe your strengths and weaknesses and therefore tailor the lessons to bring forth your best playing self.

So, for someone who has never held a guitar before, a private tutor can be an invaluable asset that will help you become a pro player in no time.

Why try Online Lessons?

Now let’s look at online guitar lessons. All you need is a computer, a good quality webcam, and high-speed internet. And, this brings us to the first and most motivating reason why people opt for online guitar lessons – convenience.

Unlike working with a private tutor where you have to make your way to your teacher’s home or studio, online lessons have the advantage of being conducted in the comfort of your home. This means you will not have to waste time making your way to class or incur regular travel costs. The scheduling can also be done at the most convenient time for you instead of you having to fit guitar lessons into an already hectic day.

Online lessons also happen to be much cheaper than private tuition. Because a tutor is an individual who will be going out of his/her way to prepare your lessons, supply you with the necessary learning materials (music sheets, chord diagrams, etc), and make time to teach you, costs are usually high and can range from anywhere between £25 and £50 or even more per session.

Online guitar teaching sites, on the other hand, are created for the purpose of training individuals to become guitarists. Therefore learning materials are already available which means the cost of acquiring them will not be placed on your shoulders – it is the ecomonies of scale effect in action. For this reason, you can find online guitar courses starting as low as $12 (around £9.50 at the time of writing) a month.

One more allure of learning the guitar online is that you get exposure to a long list of professional guitarists from all around the world. This gives you the freedom of choosing the teacher you like the most and this can go a long way in ensuring you have a good learning experience. And. if you enjoy your lessons, chances are your skills will improve quickly. With a private tutor, however, your choices are limited to whoever is available in your local area.

Online Guitar Lessons – The Options Available

Another point in favour of online lessons is that today’s technology has made it possible to learn in more than one way.

Some of the available options come incredibly close to offering the same experience as live lessons with a tutor, thereby making online lessons just as effective a way to learn the guitar as face-to-face training with a personal tutor. With that said, here is a quick look at what the digital world has to offer in terms of guitar lessons.

1 Video Conferencing

The biggest downside to learning the guitar online is that by not having your teacher by your side you are robbed of the chance to get tips, advice, and feedback that will be crucial in moulding you into the best guitarist you can be. Well, with video call-based software like Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, and the rest, this downside is squashed putting online lessons firmly on par with private tuition.

Video conferencing is a lot like having private lessons with the added benefit that you do not have to leave your home and you can schedule them in around busy days. All you need to do is connect with your teacher in real-time and have a back and forth conversation.

And, the best part is that you can save videos of your lessons to study at a later time. Your teacher can also send you links to music sheets, diagrams, and other material, which you can refer to during and after lessons.

There is also the benefit of not having to rely soley on local teachers because there are plenty of tutors worldwide that offer Skype guitar lessons. Unfortunately, video calling does not just inherit the goods sides of private tuition. The cost of video conference guitar lessons can often command the same fee as that of a private tutor.

2 Video Streaming

For someone who chooses to learn the guitar online because of the low budget benefits, the high cost of the video calling option can be dissuading. This is where video streaming comes in.

Between YouTube and guitar (or music) related websites, you can find thousands of video guitar lessons which you can watch completely free of charge. You may have to put up with sitting through an ad or two, but this is a small price to pay considering you will not have to spend anything to get access to the videos.

When it comes to video streaming, a good number of the available videos are filmed professionally in HD and feature clear instructions that give you a real shot at learning how to play the guitar.

The only problem is that the videos you will come across may not be systematic or specially personalized to your playing ability as in the case of private tuition or Skype lessons. So, although you will come across a wealth of information, it is usually scattered all over the place, leaving you with the task of piecing together the learning roadmap yourself.

3 Free Guitar Websites

Another budget-friendly option for learning how to play the guitar online is by using ‘free guitar websites’. The beauty of these sites is that they are readily available and tend to present their content in a more coherent and systematic manner when compared to pure video streaming sites such as YouTube.

Many sites even throw in chord charts, backing tracks, and other supplementary material that will aid the learning process. Therefore, if you look hard enough you can find a website that offers free comprehensive and high-quality guitar lessons.

Whilst free guitar websites provide a great resource for helping you master the instrument, the lessons offered do not often customize the course material according to the needs of individual learners.

Due to this, any questions you have along the way can often go unanswered. While some learners can overcome this downside by piecing together lessons from different websites, for others, the lack of a personal touch to guide you through areas where more clarification is needed can be an impediment to making progress with their playing skills.

So, free guitar websites are a bit of a ‘hit or miss’ learning option depending on the kind of learner you are and how much support you feel you might need.

4 Paid Sites

Much like the video streaming and free guitar site options, paid websites teach guitar skills through videos. The major difference is that you pay a monthly, quarterly, or yearly subscription fee to get access to the videos. In addition, the videos are not sporadic but instead follow a well-crafted guitar course.

With paid sites, you also get the freedom of specializing in whatever area you want since you can find a course in just about any genre (blues, rock, country, metal, jazz, etc) and skill level (beginner, advanced, electric, acoustic, and so on). You can even get tutorials on how to perform popular songs.

Save for the regular payments you will have to make, there are no complaints as far as paid guitar websites are concerned. The money you pay gives you access to lessons from world-class tutors, most of whom are professional guitarists.

What’s more, paid lessons cover all the bases and are broken down into a simple step-by-step approach. In addition, this content is delivered in the highest quality videos. The best-paid sites around even offer a means for you to ask questions and get feedback in any areas you find difficult.

Free vs Paid Online Lessons – Which Delivers Best Results

Although options are many when you are looking to learn the guitar online, it all comes down to two choices:

  • You can seek free guitar lessons or
  • pay for premium training.

The question you are probably asking right now is why pay for something you can get at no cost with free guitar websites?

Truth be told, you get what you pay for. There is no denying that free guitar websites are a great resource for learning the instrument. The sheer amount of material available covering all the basics and more makes it possible to gain some impressive playing skills.

However, since the material is added randomly, you will have to scour the internet for the best free sites in order to piece together lessons if you are going to make any progress.

On the flip side, paid websites take a more laid-back approach in the sense that you do not have to go looking for the learning material. Instead, lessons come to you in in-depth content that has been broken down into easy to follow steps and actions. And, since the lessons are taught by professionals who guide you throughout the entire learning process, the quality of education you get will be far higher than anything you can find in free sites.

In fact, next to Skype and other video call based lessons, paid sites are the only other option that comes closest to the hold-your-hand approach of traditional private tuition.

In summary, free online resources are a great way to get started on the guitar. But, if you are serious about learning the guitar and have plans of playing professionally in future, it is better to go the paid route.

Tips for finding a good Paid Online Guitar Website

The great thing about paid guitar sites is that you do not have to look far to find one. Since learning the guitar online has become a firm favourite for many learners, there are a LOT of these sites available and ready to meet the demand.

You just need to pick one, which is quite easy to do if you know what you are looking for. Generally, a good site will offer:

1 Qualified Teachers:

The guitar is a complex instrument. So, it takes someone who really knows it well to be able to break down all the complexities of the guitar into a series of easy to master lessons.

Therefore, make it a point to look into the background of the teachers on a website. Are they trained professionals? Do they play the guitar? Reviews are another way of helping ensure you end up with the best teachers. If students are leaving glowing reviews, then the teachers on that site know what they are doing.

2 Wide Coverage:

The best websites will cover every aspect of guitar playing and in great detail. This way, you will be able to find a course that is suitable for you whether you are a beginner or are looking to polish your playing skills. Once you are through with your course, you can simply advance onto the next one and so on until you become an expert guitarist.

3 Diverse Learning Material:

When learning the guitar, you need all the supporting material you can get. So go for a site that includes videos, diagrams, audio, and text in their courses. The more the information you get, the faster it will be for you to learn.

Having the support of a teacher who is easy to access whenever you want to discuss the content you are learning is also important, as it will help speed up your learning curve.

To Sum Up

Hopefully, we’ve helped your journey to find a great guitar lesson site as an uncomplicated one. With so many options available, you are literally spoilt for choice when finding online lessons that are right for you. In this guide we’ve collected together the best 3 sites we could find that we believe offer selection between experience, quality of lessons and learning material and value for money to suit any pocket.

If you’d like to recap take another look at our comparison table above or read the section which explains the options available to you and how effective they are.

Or, if you’re in a hurry, we’d recommend taking a look at JamPlay, they are the top online guitar lesson website and have an excellent reputation for tutoring beginners to intermediate guitarists. Plus you’ll get 25% off your first month by using the links on our site.

We wish you every success in becoming a better guitarist.